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Skins for PocketCM Keyboard

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MrHawaii - Dark/Light Versions
Author: MrHawaii Avg Rating: (2.94 for 1728 votes) - Last update : Mar 02 2009

VGA compatible (not tested on other resolutions) Features include: Press and hold any letter to auto capitalize with feedback. Smiley keys (press and hold smiley button). Quick numbers, press and hold 123 button. Quick symbols, press and hold \".\" button. Press and hold \"spacebar\" for \".\" and \"space\", useful for end of sentences. Also, \"?\" or \"!\" keys pressed automatically give a \"space\" after it.
Theme for: PocketCM Keyboard 0.23 & 0.2 - VGA
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WM7 inspired skin - wm7_0.3
Author: endursa Avg Rating: (2.97 for 1682 votes) - Last update : Feb 07 2009

Hey Folks, i have reworked the WM7 inspired skin original done by HTCToucher. This skin works in Portrait as in Landscape mode, the 123 button in normal klick changes the layout to the smiley/number layer, and on long press you get to the special key subpanel! a few other keys like a for รค and so on just find out yourself :) for WVGA Version Look Here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=479941
Theme for: PocketCM Keyboard 0.23 & 0.2 - QVGA
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Vietnamese Layout - v2
Author: hanoiwap Avg Rating: (2.88 for 1650 votes) - Last update : Feb 06 2009

For Vietnamese
Theme for: PocketCM Keyboard 0.23 & 0.2 - QVGA & VGA
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