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Screenshot gallery

Here is what people made with ContactManager by defining their own theme.

Screenshot for PocketCM Contacts

Those are the screenshot for the beta version of PocketCM.

Touch v1 theme, Default theme for PocketCM 0.5. You can also get it there

Touch v2 theme, Default theme for PocketCM 0.6. You can also get it there

Display you contact, with finger friendly scrolling. With PocketCM you now have the possibility to add Index letter.

Contact detail screen with basic theme. The button are aligned at the bottom. Theme designer are able to place any element where they want them exactly.

The drop-down menu, it now allows you to directly edit contact, view the contact in the classic application. You can also set and remove contact picture.

That's one of the biggest new feature: SMS threading. It's not obvious on the screenshot, but you'll see all your previous conversation with the contact, the message you received, but also the message you sent!
The screenshot also show you the experimental SIP that goes with. This keyboard suggest word based on letter positions for instance, if you want to type "the", but type "yjr", the keyboard will detect that you were always one letter on the right and suggest "the". You can also easily add new word.
And of course you can customize the keyboard, to fit any layout you need.

Screenshots for ContactManager 0.11

Screenshot for PocketCM Keyboard

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