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PocketCM Calendar 0.1

I just release the first version of PocketCM Calendar.

It doesn't do that much yet, but should allow you to browse through your calendar using your finger, add, and edit event.

Lot of things are still to come, and lot of things will change, but as always, I choose to share with you the early version of this application.

Feature to come:
- More calendar view
- Remove event
- Recurring event support
- Synchronize with Google Calendar
- Better performance
- ...

As this application is build on top of PocketCM Framework, it's fully customizable, however, be patient, the internal will change a lot, so I'm not providing any infomration yet.

The good news is that it will bring date support in PocketCM framework, so next version of Contact will support birthday and anniversary.

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Post by tene on March 08, 2008 03:35PM


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