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PocketCM Contact 0.20

The new version is up, have fun testing it.

What's new:

- Category edit in contact
- Backspace button on phonepads
- New theme option in order to allow clean bubble
- Preloading of some image to allow smoother use
- Added menu to all panel, you can now choose the SIP while editing note or contact
- Performance enhancement
- Greatly enhanced performance in some scenarios
- SMS counter is back
- Bug fixes

Next version should focus on birthday/anniversary edition and ring tones.

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Post by tene on February 17, 2008 04:28PM


Re: PocketCM Contact 0.20

Where can I download it?

Post by Rofl-Katofl on February 17, 2008 04:33PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.20

Sorry now I found it

Post by Rofl-Katofl on February 17, 2008 04:33PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.20

Where we can found the changelog ?

Post by psykokwak on February 17, 2008 06:27PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.20

here: http://pocketcm.com/contact.dev.php

Post by Rofl-Katofl on February 17, 2008 09:14PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.20

Will be implement call history sometime in future?

Post by madpavel on February 20, 2008 08:16PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.20

The performance in the last version is downright amazing. Well done sir!

Post by Morghus on February 28, 2008 11:20PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.20

As you well know, CM doesn't work with non-phone wm5/6. I know it has something to do with SMS, even though I don't understand why. nevertheless there are scores of people out there like me who could and would use this. Please modify the program to help us.

Post by Mahoffmansts on April 30, 2008 06:06AM

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