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0.19b is up and running!

PocketCM Contact 0.19 is up!

However, some people still seems to have issues with PocketCM Keyboard and PocketCM Contact, if you're one of them, and are able for some testing, please drop a mail to support@pocketcm.com (with an IM address, ideally msn).

What's for 0.19b?

- A big performance improvment for fixed image rendering.
- Some nice stuff for contact editing, like allowing you to easily select city or company from existing one in your contacts. (see the square button near company)

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Post by tene on January 20, 2008 10:46AM


Re: 0.19 is up and running!

Wow, that looks really awesome.

One question though, would it be possible sometime in the future to switch Minimize and Phone in the bottom menu, perhaps in the Options? I find that I use minimize constantly, while I have little to no need for the phone button (I've got Touch Dual, so there's a slideout keyboard there <3).

I'm really impressed with your work so far tene smiling smiley

Post by Morghus on January 20, 2008 01:49PM

Re: 0.19 is up and running!

tap on the upper right corner, like if there was a close button, or hit the hard cancel button.

Post by tene on January 20, 2008 01:59PM

Re: 0.19 is up and running!

Did you think about a plugin API? So people could program features like calendar or other little features with your graphics API, which would automatically be implemented in PocketCM.

Post by gdp2000 on January 20, 2008 05:59PM

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