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Easily add contact with next version of PocketCM

Some more info about what's being currently done:

The first thing is make it stable: new implementation for alpha blended image are fast, but they also need to be stable, I'm currently kicking the last corner case that may cause issues.

The second thing: based on you feedback (thanks for that), I won't make the 0.18 fully compatible with 0.19, you'll have to adapt the theme, but we all agree it's for the better. (And of course when pcmc will be feature complete, theme will be stable as well).

It's interresting to give you some info about what's changed for theming:
- All panel have a header, where you can put a title (contact name, current filter, sms number, whatver).
- The header also contain network status and name, the current time and the battery status.
- All of those elements can of course be hidden, shown, moved, etc...
- Lot of empty label have been added in order to let you make better theme (textbox that don't have to take all the screen space, etc...).
- phonepad now appear on top of the contact list: which allow you to make it transparent.
- Contact detail panel now contains more button, which should make advanced feature more visible (menu, note, edit, etc...). It can of course be customized and removed, but the idea is to help people new to pcmc use all the feature, and not discovering after a week or two that "note" exist.
- But perhaps the biggest change for themer is the "dump settings" option, in a single click, pcmc will generate a file containing all the current settings for landscape, portrait, and all the settings that have been use. This should answer all the question like "what's the name of the setting for this or that?".

And now the last thing, I've finally found some time to actually add feature request, with 0.19 you can use the phonepad to search, but also to call a contact that's not (yet) in your list, you also have the opportunity to add this number to an existing contact, or create a brand new contact. It's the first step to adding contact editing feature inside PocketCM (so finger friendly, and more simple).

Screenshot coming ... when I'll get the time.

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Post by tene on January 18, 2008 11:36AM


Re: Easily add contact with next version of PocketCM

I'm impressed, and I'm in love with this program.

This news-section is really great as well.
If you make it work smoothly with PointUI as well, I'm eternally in love.

*runs off to donate to tene* <3

Keep up the good work mate!

Post by Morghus on January 18, 2008 10:51PM

Re: Easily add contact with next version of PocketCM

Yeah, thanks for this news section. I like it very much. Would you mind sending some technical notes, too? I would be interested in what kind of libs you are using and what kind of problems you are running in, while programming. Something like the Virtual Dub developer on virtualdub.org. It could even help you, when someone sends a hint. But it's only a suggestion...

Post by gdp2000 on January 19, 2008 02:46PM

Re: Easily add contact with next version of PocketCM

I have unchecked show separators and closed PCM completely. After reopening PCM they are gone but after about 10 seconds they show up. GREAT updated version though. Thanx!!!

Post by Phantisy on January 20, 2008 05:31AM

Re: Easily add contact with next version of PocketCM

Love the improved functionality of the dialpad of being able to add or call #'s from there.

One request if possible is to add a backspace key. If a mistake is made (happens often enough to be annoying), I don't know of a way to go back without exiting the dialer and going back in.

Is that possible?

Post by gianmarco on January 25, 2008 09:56PM

Re: Easily add contact with next version of PocketCM

Can manage contact Categories and Pocket Outlook "Save as" (contact display name)?

Great stuff!

Post by camillo on February 08, 2008 06:41PM

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