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What's coming for 0.19?

PocketCM 0.19 will change lot of things internally.

The most important change is a rewrite of the alpha blended image rendering. The objective was to make it fast enough in order to let skinner play with some shadows and transparency. This was the next step of the rewrite (the first was to speed up animation effect).

The good news is that you'll see theme like that in 0.19:

New filling method are now possible:
- alphaimage(...) as before, except the performance are decent
- alphafill(#color, alpha) to fill an area with a translucency color (used for the button in the contact detail).

Other change:
- A common header to all page (that of course can be customized) with network and battery info (what else do you need/want?)
- Ability to use button for back, edit, note and more.
- More labels, in order to set nice background everywhere.
- A real note page, easier to customize.

And now.... I have to make my best to keep some level of compatibility with .18 theme.

Which lead me to the interresting question: do you prefer stay compatible without new feature, or you prefer to get cutting edge version that may break stuff?

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Post by tene on January 06, 2008 09:25PM


Re: What's coming for 0.19?

Lets break stuff smiling smiley

Post by Phantisy on January 06, 2008 10:07PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?


Interesting changes coming, looking forward to trying them out.

As for backwards compatibility vs. new functionality, I would vote for new functionality at this stage

There are several things we would like to do and cannot (such as my question about the sms input box text offset) that I am sure we are all willing to put up with having to fix our current themes for the sake of making even better themes in the future.

Post by DvTonder on January 06, 2008 10:11PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

I also vote for implementing new stuff. Although in the future of course, the skinning engine will hopefully be more or less mature enough that adding new features doesn't break old ones. Plus, hopefully this will come within the next few version so that the focus can get back to implementing new functionality.

Post by Blowfish64 on January 06, 2008 11:16PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

I say break whatever is necessary! winking smiley

Thanks for your dedication tene!

Post by Zoide on January 06, 2008 11:55PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

"Tene SMASH!" ^^

Because even in the worst case scenario people can run 0.18 for a bit longer (until the themes are updated) if that's the most important winking smiley

Post by Morghus on January 07, 2008 12:26AM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

i'm all for innovation just do us theme guys a favor throw us some documaentation on how to skin the new stuff

1. Google is your friend
2. Search first, ask second (it increases retention)
3. Look before you leap. Then leap. Then fix it.

Post by lightbiter on January 07, 2008 06:14AM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

I say continue the innovation but would agree that some documentation would be good to help out those of us who like to do their own skins..winking smiley

Post by TonyJ on January 07, 2008 10:01AM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

0.19 version will allow you to dump all the current settings, so it should complete the documentation with all possible settings.

I'm also thinking about exposing the control tree (what button, label, list is in what control), however it's more tricky to implement.

Also don't forget to tell me you're reading the doc, it will encourage me to complete it. As now most of the question have already been answered in the doc, the faq or the forum.

Post by tene on January 07, 2008 02:19PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

I have not problem breaking things. As you have said many times in these forums this is a beta program. If people have problems they can always go back to the previous version.

I would also agree with documentation and exposing the control tree. that would be a great tool.

Just my 2 cents... Jarrod

Post by tannerj on January 07, 2008 02:38PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

Trash it! This new one looks good and coming from a software engineer - it's more expensive (processor time) to be backwards compatible.

Post by darkfire on January 07, 2008 09:40PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

Four legs good,two legs better!

Post by Vukile on January 08, 2008 10:34PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

If it makes it smaller, faster and better shred it to bits. Just add some documentation on how to skin it. We all know how to read!!!

Post by 32str8 on January 09, 2008 03:43AM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

0.18 is the PERFECT version for me!

Sure, when I delete contacts the text displayed is wrong and when I fixed it in the ini file, it displays correct message, then when I hit OK, it crashes, but other than that, if I hated 0.19, I would still be completely happy with my investment in pCM.

Quentin, you rock man. Salut!

Post by daxliniere on January 09, 2008 12:51PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

I hope that the incoming 0.19 will have a nice default theme for both QVGA and VGA.
In 0.18 there is only the very poor white theme fully working. The other themes are unusables.

Post by 407alex407 on January 11, 2008 12:15PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

OFCOURSE I vote for innovations!
Thnx Tene!!! U r the man! smiling smiley

Post by maikov on January 11, 2008 01:06PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

hi 0,18 solved a lot bugs, but start new, break. so many things changed from the time you started, right? so start brandnew from the base with a new target! fast and stable maybe 0,20... no prob if 0,19 has some nice bugs i can jumpback to 0,18 till you solved it. best wishes and lots of thanks for lots of work !!!respect!!!

Post by thorsten06 on January 11, 2008 11:28PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

Oh, and one more thing; it's incredibly cool to read news/updates like this Tene, really cool.

Post by Morghus on January 12, 2008 12:58AM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

start new, break !

PLEASE PLEASE make it possible to let the Dialpad dialing numbers direct 0040 739849669 , not only search Contacts !!!!
, so I never need a dirty other dialpad :-) , or let me know a interface , so I will work out it in my C++ IDE , xdev-vijay555 have a dialing script , or maybe with Mort-script from Mortplayers Author it is possible , to deal normal with pocketCM eye rolling smiley

and please where is a tutorial how to install themes
if I use zip - themes (vers. 18 ), then I can change themes in menu ,

but in sam posts I read :
copy the unzipped extracted files to pocketCM directory ,

but then I can only change in menu to additional zip theme .. ??

maybe it is a good idea to let the Themes stay in separat directorys :-)


great work , I like it


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Post by a6000000 on January 12, 2008 07:48PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

Hello !

Is it possible to add an option for sending Message (SMS) to a category. (mass sms). For exemple Select a category and then choose : Send SMS to this group.

Thank you.

Post by echap2000 on January 13, 2008 03:06PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

I prefer innovation, agility and efficiency rather than compatibility with older versions.

We have already had a number of very big changes and we adapt and we made our new skins.

Forward to innovation.


Post by Aeyuth on January 14, 2008 07:05PM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

If there are different formats for themes, why not create a Themes section with subsections
for each format?

Post by belangermtl on January 15, 2008 12:53AM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

Will this new version work on PDA without phone?

Post by walkergeri on January 16, 2008 11:41AM

Re: What's coming for 0.19?

New functionalities!
New functionalities!
New functionalities!

Post by camillo on January 17, 2008 10:25AM

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