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PocketCM Contacts 0.17

PocketCM Contacts 0.17 is being tested right now, the main new feature is access to the phone call log. The SMS history becomes the contact history, and you see all the SMS and call you had with this contact. It allow you to know easily if you replied to a message with a message or a phone call.

  • Added call log in SMS history

  • Bigger font in default theme, more coherencies between fonts

  • Improved compatibility with the following SIP: TouchPal, HTC PhonePad, Happy Tapping Keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug that showed letter association in keypad

  • Fixed index feedback appearing below header and icon panel

  • Fixed a bug that caused some contact to disappear after being edited or synched.

  • Fixed crash when changing contact picture

  • Fixed a bug that caused the crash to be corrupted if the application was closed before fully loading the contacts

  • Various smaller bug fixes

Some other change include a nicer theme, performance optimization and bug fixing.

And for people asking, release date is ... when it's ready winking smiley

What would you do if you had 100$ to spend on PocketCM Contacts? which feature would you pay the most for?

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Post by tene on December 06, 2007 10:44AM


Re: PocketCM Contacts 0.17

100$... well 50$ to pay for 99% stability, especially KS20 still probs will animation. 20$ for sms engine like cc and 20$ for more menu to change settings, to make changes easier for someone like me... and 10$ for to select a touchpad rgs and happy new year thorsten

Post by thorsten06 on January 07, 2008 08:35AM

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