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PocketCM Keyboard 0.19

I miss some updates here but PocketCM Keyboard 0.18 is out, as well as a new release of PocketCM Contact.

PocketCM Keyboard 0.19 is already being developed. What you can expect:

- huge performance improvements (up to 3000% for some word suggestion).
- bug fixes for keyboard freeze
- memory optimization
- some udpate to the theme, like image preloading.

The next big feature will be for skinner out there. I plan to add a way to add theme option into the option dialog. The idea will be that you can make one theme that come with many option.

It would allow thing like one theme in different color, or to allow the user to easily switch some options that are only fine tunable via theme now. (like the way the SMS bubbles appears).

I also plan to use it for fullscreen, which would allow non fullscreen mode to hide the current header if the theme is made right.

Post by tene on November 19, 2008 12:37PM


Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.19

As for now Alpha versions 0.15-0.18 did not work on my device (Eten M700, WM6.1) - PCMK crashes after clicking on any buton... Maybe 0.19 will work properly... smiling smiley

Post by klmn on November 20, 2008 08:47AM

Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.19


I'm a really satisfied user of pocketcm suite.your work is impressive!

I would just suggest feature nobody talked about : would it be possible to add ability to choose different skin for portrait and landscape mode?

for exemple : iphone theme is fantastic for portrait but dream theme is so much better for landscape...

thanks by advance ;-)

Post by guinioul on December 08, 2008 05:52PM

Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.19

that's already supported. But you have to make a skin that will be the mix of both.

Post by tene on December 08, 2008 07:00PM

Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.19

that's right tene.

So I know what to do grinning smiley

Post by guinioul on December 10, 2008 09:47PM

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