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PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 is there...

I've just released the first version of PocketCM Keyboard 0.15.

The version is a complete rewrite of PocketCM Keyboard, so consider it as alpha! It's mainly intended for skinner out there who want to make nice skins.

New feature includes:
- nicer graphic
- pocketcm theme engine: a lot more customizable
- contextual completion
- score based dictionary (common words appear first)
- easier to use word suggestion box (bigger)
- new option
- vibrate on press (experimental)
- etc...

I'll upload the file and let you play with it.

Post by tene on September 29, 2008 08:47PM


Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 is there...

Great! I can't wait to play with it! Thank you very much!

PS. You can update the date of release (it is still 0.14's date (i.e. 03/28/2008) on download page).

Post by klmn on September 29, 2008 10:53PM

Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 is there...

Cool. Thank you for going back to this wonderfull app.

Installed it, but how can we play with it now? When cliking on option, a msgbox pops up with the following message: "UserOptionDlg"...

Post by Nikola on September 30, 2008 10:04AM

Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 is there...

You can get into Options by tap&hold on "Return" key - there you can find 'Options' key.

Anyway, this version do not want to work properly on my device (Eten M700, WM6.1) - it crashes each time I enter any key while 'Make suggestion' is activated or after pressing any 'non-letter' key while 'Make suggestion' deactivated.

But I understand there might be some issues as it is only alpha.

Post by klmn on September 30, 2008 05:54PM

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