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PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 - Coming soon

After some time spent on the website, I've come back to PocketCM Keyboard development.

The basic idea is to update the application to support all the improvements made for PocketCM Contact and PocketCM ImageViewer.

The planned feature are:
- More customization: image for each key, size for each key
- Unlimited number of layout
- Support for word frequency in dictionary
- Different action per key, you should be able to create layout with various behavior, define what happens if you press a key, or stay pressed on a key, if suggestion happen, etc...
- Better suggestion handling, if you backspace after space the suggestion shouldn't be lost.
- Finger friendly option dialog
- ...

ps: Thanks to htctoucher, I'm using his skin (available now for version 0.14) as a test skin for development).

Post by tene on August 23, 2008 02:30PM


Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 - Coming soon

Very good to read that!

Just a suggestion, it will be very difficult to implement a little vibration when a key is pressed, it will help during typing to have a feedback.
I know there is a little program that ad vibrate to the screen but I whant to have it only during keyboard typing.

Thank you for your work!

Post by titipsx on August 25, 2008 10:24AM

Re: PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 - Coming soon

amazing tene.. simply amazing

cant wait to have the shadow under the feedback image.. that is what really sells me on that preview image!

Post by htctoucher on September 02, 2008 10:21AM

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