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ImageViewer 0.9

I just released a new feature, it starts to be useful. You can now set the current picture to a contact, the main difference between other application is that you're allowed to crop the image, just try it!

- Set image to contact option, with cropping/scaling support.
- All image set to contact will have a maximum size of 320*320 (suitable for full screen call notification)
- New jpeg loader, up to 400% speed improvement on some image.
- Header buttons needs to be pressed on in order to work: avoid closing the app while rotating.

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Post by tene on August 03, 2008 09:32PM


Re: ImageViewer 0.9


I am a C++ Win32 Developer and I have Seen The ImageViewer Which Is Given By You. It Was Great I am Trying To Do The Same Task In My Project So I Need Help From You.

I Need Some Help About :

1.Where I Load The Image(On Form Or Any Custom Control) I Create Custom Control For Do This Task.

2.How I Load The Images On Custom Control.(How You Load The Images In Current Area Without Loading In Previous Area)
I would greatly appreciate your help.
Avinash Shrimali

Post by Avinash Shrimali on November 21, 2008 08:22AM

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