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PocketCM ImageViewer 0.8

Hi, Quentin has just released ImageViewer 0.8 (07/30/2008), enjoy!

- Rotation support (scroll from top to bottom on the rightmost part on the screen when in slide or zoom mode).
- Variable zoom support (slide on the bottom on the screen to change zoom)
- Header button now disappear after a few seconds of inactivity, allowing you to see the picture fullscreen.
- Rewritten image loading engine, should be faster but mostly support bigger image. The good news is that those improvment will be in the next PocketCM Contact build.

Post by juhp on July 30, 2008 11:35PM


Re: PocketCM ImageViewer 0.8

I glad to see the way that ImageViewer has involved, but it still need some more development to replace the standard Image and Video from Windows Mobile. For example i´ll like to see an option for transfer pics to bluetooth or infrared devices. I also suggest to down the version development, and start to use 8.xx versions, is better to have a stable version before it come to 1.0 version.


Post by clarf on August 01, 2008 04:08PM

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