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PocketCM Contact 0.25b

I've just released version 0.25b, mainly a small bug fixes release.

- Fixed bug with favorite image (not showing)
- Fixed crash when pressing contact image in contact detail view
- Pressing the favorite image now toggle favorites
- Fixed text layout in SMS bubble: now a long text without space should display correctly (character wrap)
- Fixed bug that prevented a long press on the number button in contact detail page to show the dialer
- Fixed bug that prevent background to be cached for complex controls.
- Changed animation of number edit panel to be the same as the one used for most dialog
- Theming: Added option so that SMS bubble can stretch according to text (for instance: smslist.*.received.read.compressbubble=1)
- Theming: fixed counter position, now you have contactlist.*.item.smscount.box and contactlist.*.item.picture.smscount.box, deciding the global box where the counter and image will go, and contactlist.*.item.lastsms.box, contactlist.*.item.lastsms.box,... to place the element inside this box.
- Theming: added format to counter (contactlist.*.item.smscount.unread.format, contactlist.*.item.smscount.format), use %u for unread sms, %s for sms, %c for call. You can also use: %0u for blank if 0 unread and the number for more than 0 unread sms. (and therefore %1u will show the unread counter if you have more than one unread message).
- Improved black theme

Post by tene on July 21, 2008 02:54PM


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