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PocketCM ImageViewer 0.5

I've just released ImageViewer 0.5. Enjoy!

- This is a major release, so expect lot of new things... and lot of new bugs
- Integrated "flow", grid, slide and folder browser in one app
- New image grid, showing thumbnail
- Press the upper right button to exit
- Press the mode button (@) to switch between flow and grid, or to go back to image list when in slide mode
- Press the back button (top left) to go back to the folder list
- Pressing on an image in flow or thumbnail mode, goes to slide mode

For customization: the application always dump all the setting when exiting, have a look at dump.txt in your imageviewer folder to start customizing it.

Like PocketCM Contact, you need to put a settings.ini with the settings you want to customize in it, they will be loaded at startup. And of course, it's exactly the same concept as pocketcm contact.

Future release may include theme/options support, but for now, it's intented for testing

Post by tene on July 20, 2008 10:17PM


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