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PocketCM Contact 0.22

Updated 05/12/2008

PocketCM 0.22 is out!

Next release should include some polish on existing feature:
- call notification is only shown for incoming call
- progress bar while sending SMS
- fixed bug causing SIP to disappear when first selected
- fixed bug causing note panel to not close when hitting ok
- huge performance enhancement for slow device on contact edit and options
- better handling of theme reloading (not perfect yet)
- search index now appear on autocomplete list for contact edit
- countries list now show all the countries of the world
- feedback on search index now appear in front of everything as it should be.
- selected items is now shown when going back to edit autocompletion.
- small overall performance enhancement.
- Added birthday and anniversary to contact editing
- Added ring tone to contact edit (with sound preview, note: WMA/MP3 sound preview will only work on WM6, if someone can provide a clean and async C/C++ function that plays WMA/MP3, I'm ready to use it...).
- Added scrollbar indicator, showing you where you are in the list (default.scrollbar.box=100%,0p,100%,100% to remove the scrollbar from your theme)

What else do you want to see in this version?

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Post by tene on May 05, 2008 10:32PM


Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

How about an option to auto hide the keyboard after you send an SMS?

Post by knockz on May 06, 2008 12:00AM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

When the contact manager is not in full screen I think that Grey title bar should disappear. That frustrates me when I take it off full screen yet I still have the Pocket CM title bar and the windows title bar as well. Also, I think Pocket CM should be expanded upon with the SMS features so it could replace the default SMS program or maybe you could make a whole new SMS/MMS program?????? That would be amazing lol Thanks for all your hard work I check here everyday for updates.

Post by Toolfan88 on May 06, 2008 04:02AM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

Regarding hiding the SIP after pressing "send", that's somehow funny, it's a side effect of the current implementation (with progress bar), so I'll guess I'll just have to keep it this way.

For the grey title bar, you can do it in your theme, by default, PCMC is designed to be runned full screen, so the default screen comes like that.

Post by tene on May 06, 2008 01:17PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

if you could look into why contact pictures added in the new versions dont sych properly with outlook that would be great!

i reload my device quite regularly and not having it synch the pictures is a pain.

Post by shadowfist on May 06, 2008 08:52PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

Able to click on links in SMS would be nice.

Post by aikidoka on May 09, 2008 03:23AM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

- Left button (the one with a contact and a star) that changes depending on the context, as in the former versions (all contacts, favorites)
- sync sms status with wm6 (mark a sms as read in windows when you read it in pcm, and vice-versa)

my 2 cents ;-)

Post by Nikola on May 09, 2008 02:01PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

- contextual menu in the edit form (with copy/paste)

Post by Nikola on May 09, 2008 02:05PM

Ignore SMS feature.

I just installed a push email application that used an SMS trigger to notify theemail program of new messeges. This email trigger was showing up in PocketCM while it was not coming up in pocket outlook text msg's as I guess it was being handled and removed automatically after pocketcm already processed it.

Maybe an option to block/ignore certain SMS msgs based on sender would help solve this.

Post by knockz on May 10, 2008 05:43AM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

knockz, PocketCM doesn't handle SMS in place of the classic application (it just let the classic app does the job and handle it after), it has to be something else.

Post by tene on May 10, 2008 04:42PM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

The push email sms triggers are showing up in pocketcm. I'm guessing that they are sitting in the standard sms inbox long enough for pocketcm to recongnize a new one before the email program processes and removes it.

Right now I have 9 msg's from the triggers in pocketcm and none in my sms inbox. If I reset pocketcm it will no longer have these trigger msg's. So something is up.

Post by knockz on May 11, 2008 03:25AM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.21 & 0.22

i would like a sms notification menu sent out by pocket cm that let me hit a reply button and it would then take me to the area in the pocket cm program where i could type out a reply. As it is now windows mobile sends out the sms notification window and when i hit reply it takes me to the default sms app. I got this idea from the program "sms chat"

Post by Toolfan88 on May 11, 2008 06:00AM

Re: PocketCM Contact 0.22

I second the ability to click on links in SMS. Picture mail for us Sprint users is a real pain. I have been unable to use PCM to its full potential because of that fact.
Also, auto start up in background that is light on RAM usage, would be nice. Maybe you could take a tip from AC with his Ilock for S2U2 and have a 2nd app running in the background handling the incoming messages. It could also be used for a quicker startup.

Post by mabru2001 on May 16, 2008 04:12PM

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