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Feature request about PocketCM Contacts. Please read the existing thread before postin, if I get one thread with 100 post about a feature, it's more likely to become reality than 20 threads with 3 posts about the same feature. 
thumb finger functions to add, also some improvements..
Posted by: alvaro_py ()
Date: January 07, 2010 01:40PM

when you are in contact list you can move up and down with your thumb..
And what if you want to go Far of your contact list on the "M" letter, you need to use the stylus to go there, the Abcdary is to small to touch it with your thumb, must be a way to display the keyboard letters or ABCDario on the screen left, like dragging with your thumb "left to right" or something...
or maybe changing the phone key to open the qwerty keyboard

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Re: thumb finger functions to add, also some improvements..
Posted by: tene ()
Date: January 07, 2010 01:46PM

The way it's designed, it should be usable with your thumb, you don't have to press the right letter, just stay pressed, move your finger until the letter is right, and release.

another approach to find contact is to use the phonepad, you just type letter/number and it will show you the right contacts.

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