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Other resolutions native handling
Posted by: donpipo ()
Date: April 21, 2009 02:26PM

Hi Quentin,

I was requested to adjust Dark Diamond theme for special 320x320 resolutions phones.
Problem is that PocketCM handles square resolutions as normal resolutions. This is normal and perfect for square QVGA 240x240 and square VGA 480x480.

Square 320x320 is a bit tricky as it should be handled as permanent landscape to be displayed correctly, without having to rewrite a settings.ini specifically for this resolution.
An user corrected small things in my theme, but it doesn't display nicely because handled as portrait: [forum.xda-developers.com]

-> Is it manageable to include the "treat 320x320 (and also 640x640) as landscape" trick into PocketCM?

-> Is it also possible to implement wide resolutions handling with a INI file, just like QVGA and VGA (with a wide.ini file for instance -> previously requested in PM)?

Cheers, and glad to see development back!


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Re: Other resolutions native handling
Posted by: tene ()
Date: April 21, 2009 06:09PM

actually I'm wondering if I shouldn't simply drop the landscape/portrait stuff but deal directly with the resolution...

you would add things like:


in your theme zip, which should give a lot more flexibility, with a correct default handling, and the ability to include other ini file.

I still have to think about it, but I would prefer to handle it nicely than through another hack.

On the bad side, it would break compatibility for theme with vga.ini and qvga.ini ... and I'm not sure I want to keep the landscape.* settings as it makes things more complicated internally.

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Re: Other resolutions native handling
Posted by: donpipo ()
Date: April 22, 2009 12:23AM

Yes, just look at Dark Diamond theme INI files and you'll see that dealing with different resolutions in both portrait and landscape inside the same package was tricky but not so painful... smiling smiley

But, in the way it is right now, even if it's a bit tricky, the numbers of different settings we have to deal with for each resolution are minimal compared to a single INI file for each one. And that's because there are not so much differences between resolutions and most of all you've done a great job in the way PocketCM handles them: I just had to add about 10 specific lines to handle wide resolutions!
Portrait/landscape was a pain though!

Also I think I've covered almost any usual resolution. I have just not taken square resolution that are using the usual width as height in account.

Applying those requests would make things easier for ME as I wouldn't have to rewrite any part of the theme (as it is already ready for this and, for me, almost finished). I'd just need to use 320x320 and 640x640 landscape backgrounds together with mapimage to make things works.
PocketCM seems to work well this tricky way.

Portrait/landscape PLUS many resolution to deal with is certainly more complicated/unfriendly than using the right settings for each.
I'm following you on this idea, but you have to take into account that this is a very different approach.
This can be a priority in a programmer's approach but I personally think that if PocketCM needs enhancements, they lay (for the time being) in the user-related and "plus-features" stuff.

Perhaps resolution-specific INI files could just be an addition before breaking compatibility?
Edit: Just another thought: Why not just use resolution prefixes in settings.ini (like "portrait." and "landscape." instead of multiple INI files?

Happy thinking (this is worth it),

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Re: Other resolutions native handling
Posted by: tene ()
Date: April 25, 2009 09:45AM

you missed this: "and the ability to include other ini file."

which mean that to be "retro compatible", you'll just a to create 320x240.ini file that would contains:


anyway, still thinking about it winking smiley

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Re: Other resolutions native handling
Posted by: donpipo ()
Date: April 27, 2009 09:44AM

What a miss!
Don't forget to tell me when you're decided to use this approach and you want me to test it.

See you!

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