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Feature request about PocketCM Contacts. Please read the existing thread before postin, if I get one thread with 100 post about a feature, it's more likely to become reality than 20 threads with 3 posts about the same feature. 
Possibility to hide phone number category in contact details
Posted by: donpipo ()
Date: February 27, 2009 02:32PM

Hi Tene,

When I was working on the translations files I noticed that there is only one value per phone number category.
I wanted to display only the phone number in contact details buttons, as icons speak for themselves.
So I edited button.call.*.text to "%s" only.

Problem: If I delete the category name from the language file, this also prevent it to be displayed in the "add as" screen when you add a new number to a contact because it refers to button.call.*.text too.
So I ended with a list like this:
Add as
Add as
Add as
Add as
Add as

Request: Is it possible to show/hide category name in contact details OR to make two different values for contact details and "add as" screen?

Thanks for taking a look at this.


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