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Suggestion - Transparent full-screen keyboard
Posted by: Surur ()
Date: October 18, 2008 11:12PM

I posted this over at XDA, and they suggested for the best keyboard advice I sould come here.


When I first saw this picture of teksoft's new keyboard I thought they had finally made a transparent full screen keyboard, but on then I saw it was just a keyboard skin.

This brings me to my request - Can a developer make a transparent semi-opaque full screen keyboard that still let you see the text underneath, and that was quickly minimizable for navigation purposes. The typed text would pass through to the app underneath.

See mockup below:

Obviously a talented programmer would do the transparency better, but the idea is that it would combine the advantaged of a fullscreen keyboard with still being able to see everything that you are typing.

I suggest a SIP (thats not transparent and quite thin) and a transparent window containing the QWERTY keys that is full-screen that can be popped up and down very quickly using the arrow key on the SIP.

Any takers?


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Re: Suggestion - Transparent full-screen keyboard
Posted by: goody ()
Date: January 10, 2009 05:10PM

I am waiting for such a SIP for WM devices for long time... since I gave up my S/E P800 and got a HTC Magician...

Since many years ago already there was SeeTru keyboard for UIQ, see here:

While UIQ is almost dead already there is still hope for WM ;-)

Lets hope someone might develop such a SIP. IMHO it would be a 'killer app'.

Surur, are you the same well known Surur from other communitiers? If so, you might further advertise this idea. Someone might here to your words.

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