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Why does it change valid words.
Posted by: stuartforrest ()
Date: April 09, 2008 10:49PM

I love the way Pocketcm Keyboard corrects mispelled words but it really frsutrates me that it changes valid words for other valid words. For example when I type "jumped" it changes it for "killed" which is also a valid word of course but not the right one. I understand it changing it for a nearer word but not for one completely different. I assumed this had been fixed when I read "Autocomplete feature (will propose to complete a word if no other suggestion can be made)" in the release notes for 0.14 but it has not sadly.

I love the product and I promise if you fix this I will donate! It is the only thing that stops this being a great product and my only keyboard choice.

Another exmaple if you type "ok" it gets replaced with "pi" which is a most unused word in the English language I think.

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Re: Why does it change valid words.
Posted by: klmn ()
Date: April 10, 2008 08:40PM

Just after the word is changed the word which was before should appear in suggestion bubble - if you tap it just after the unexpected word's change, it will come back to the sentence. Did you try it?

For example:
You type "jumped". Probably in suggestions bubble you see the word "killed". Just after you enter space, the word "jumped" is replaced by "killed" (as it was the last suggestion of the program). In the same moment the word "jumped" replaces the word "killed" in suggestion bubble.

So, if you would like to have "jumped" in your text just tap on "jumped" in suggestion bubble and the word "killed" will be replaced back by "jumped".

Sorry if my explanation is too complex but I hope it will help you.
Good luck smiling smiley

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Re: Why does it change valid words.
Posted by: tene ()
Date: April 10, 2008 10:52PM

Actually that's because neither "jumped" or "ok" are in the default dictionary.

Type "jumped", "killed" appear in green, press on it, stay pressed, scroll down, until "+jumped" is selected. Release your finger, now jumped is added to the dictionary, and it will just work (and if you type "kumped" it will be corrected for "jumped", as it should be.

The default english dictionary isn't perfect, it's hard and time consuming to make a good one, and the best way is actually to type and improve it while using. As I use mostly french for my sms, the french dictionary get improved quickly.

Of course feel free to share a better english dictionary, and it could even become the new default one.

ps: typing on the fixed word to go back to the actually typed word doesn't add it to the dictionary, it's intended to allow you to type what you want, without corrupting the dictionary (imagine for instance, you want to send an address, like where you're currently are, it's unlikely you'll need to type it often, so it's not needed to add it to the dictionary).

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Re: Why does it change valid words.
Posted by: stuartforrest ()
Date: April 11, 2008 02:07PM

Thanks for both responses. Actually tene's reply totally solves my problem.

KLMN thanks for your reply too. I was using it that way but I found it annoying to let it change my correct word then click on it to change back. Now I have followed tene's instructions and added the words to the dictionary my problem has gone away. I didnt expect the dictionary didn't have these words in so that explains it perfectly.

Sounds like I need to heed the old adage RTFM and also make a donation now!

Great work, thanks for your help.

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