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Daily build for all software

I've just added daily build for all the software:

- ImageViewer, including a new opengl version!
- Calendar, including work in progress on nicer calendar view.
... and as before Contact and Keyboard.

And as always, the daily build are all available here: www.pocketcm.com/daily.php


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Post by tene on 02/15/2009 02:46PM 6 comment(s)

[HT] SrtSaver - fetch subtitles for you

It is not related to windows mobile at all, but I got a free domain name from my hosting, so I decided to put a page with a tools I've made a few month ago:


Basically, it allows you to 2 things:
- find matching video on your hard disk from an srt file (you won't have to find and rename it yourself).
- fetch subtitles from subtitles website automatically from a video (right click in explorer, "fetch subs...").

Latest version support multiple language, XP, Vista and 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) as well as 2003 server. You can also fetch subs for an entire folder.

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PocketCM Keyboard 0.25!

PocketCM Keyboard 0.25 is almost ready.

You can grab a daily build if you're interested:

* New "quick word" feature: press space bar for 500ms and you'll be invited to type a quick text, you can of course customize them.
* improved replace window (press 500ms on a suggestion to pop this up).
* bug fixes
* optimized font rendering (faster than ever, should benefit the contact daily build as well).

Basically, if you want to be able to type in 2 tap complete sentence that you use often, this build's for you.

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Daily build is back

Daily build are back. Enjoy.

The daily build are now mostly fixes over official release.

Post by tene on 12/06/2009 05:36PM 0 comment(s)

PocketCM Contact 0.28 released!

A new version of PocketCM Contact 0.28 is available, mainly bug fixes and optimization.


Post by tene on 01/02/2009 08:41PM 2 comment(s)

PocketCM Keyboard 0.22 released

Even if my phone is still broken... I've released PocketCM Keyboard 0.22, enjoy!

Since a few weeks the most courageous of you can also get a daily build, it's the most recent version of Contact and Keyboard, representing the current code state... you can get it here.

Lastly, the next version of PocketCM Contact 0.29 will include the long awaited "send sms to more than one contact"!

Post by tene on 01/17/2009 02:45PM 0 comment(s)

PocketCM Keyboard 0.21

PocketCM Keyboard 0.21 has been released. Because my device is broken, I had the opportunity to spend some time with the emulator, and optimize lot of stuff (more is coming).

The biggest improvement comes from a bug in cache management: switching between layout used to take ~250 ms, now it takes around 25 ms... the good news is that it should also (slightly) improve performance in PocketCM Contact 0.28.

Next version will focus on english language support (I, I'm, etc...) and some memory optimization.

I also take the opportunity, to wish all of you an happy 2009!

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Post by tene on 12/29/2008 05:04PM 0 comment(s)

PocketCM Keyboard 0.19

I miss some updates here but PocketCM Keyboard 0.18 is out, as well as a new release of PocketCM Contact.

PocketCM Keyboard 0.19 is already being developed. What you can expect:

- huge performance improvements (up to 3000% for some word suggestion).
- bug fixes for keyboard freeze
- memory optimization
- some udpate to the theme, like image preloading.

The next big feature will be for skinner out there. I plan to add a way to add theme option into the option dialog. The idea will be that you can make one theme that come with many option.

It would allow thing like one theme in different color, or to allow the user to easily switch some options that are only fine tunable via theme now. (like the way the SMS bubbles appears).

I also plan to use it for fullscreen, which would allow non fullscreen mode to hide the current header if the theme is made right.

Post by tene on 11/19/2008 12:37PM 4 comment(s)

ImageViewer 0.9

I just released a new feature, it starts to be useful. You can now set the current picture to a contact, the main difference between other application is that you're allowed to crop the image, just try it!

- Set image to contact option, with cropping/scaling support.
- All image set to contact will have a maximum size of 320*320 (suitable for full screen call notification)
- New jpeg loader, up to 400% speed improvement on some image.
- Header buttons needs to be pressed on in order to work: avoid closing the app while rotating.

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Post by tene on 08/03/2008 09:32PM 1 comment(s)

PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 is there...

I've just released the first version of PocketCM Keyboard 0.15.

The version is a complete rewrite of PocketCM Keyboard, so consider it as alpha! It's mainly intended for skinner out there who want to make nice skins.

New feature includes:
- nicer graphic
- pocketcm theme engine: a lot more customizable
- contextual completion
- score based dictionary (common words appear first)
- easier to use word suggestion box (bigger)
- new option
- vibrate on press (experimental)
- etc...

I'll upload the file and let you play with it.

Post by tene on 09/29/2008 08:47PM 3 comment(s)

PocketCM Keyboard 0.15 - Coming soon

After some time spent on the website, I've come back to PocketCM Keyboard development.

The basic idea is to update the application to support all the improvements made for PocketCM Contact and PocketCM ImageViewer.

The planned feature are:
- More customization: image for each key, size for each key
- Unlimited number of layout
- Support for word frequency in dictionary
- Different action per key, you should be able to create layout with various behavior, define what happens if you press a key, or stay pressed on a key, if suggestion happen, etc...
- Better suggestion handling, if you backspace after space the suggestion shouldn't be lost.
- Finger friendly option dialog
- ...

ps: Thanks to htctoucher, I'm using his skin (available now for version 0.14) as a test skin for development).

Post by tene on 08/23/2008 02:30PM 2 comment(s)

New theme section

I've added a new theme section, you should now be able to upload and share your theme/skins.

You can also define an external url for your theme, so it links directly to your website.

More stuff are coming obviously, but it's a start.

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Post by tene on 08/19/2008 10:19PM 0 comment(s)

A call to all the PocketCM Keyboard skinner out there...

If you want or have developed a skin for PocketCM Keyboard, if you understand correctly the way theming in PocketCM Contact works, if you have plenty of time...

Please drop a message.

Post by tene on 08/12/2008 07:40PM 3 comment(s)

PocketCM ImageViewer 0.8

Hi, Quentin has just released ImageViewer 0.8 (07/30/2008), enjoy!

- Rotation support (scroll from top to bottom on the rightmost part on the screen when in slide or zoom mode).
- Variable zoom support (slide on the bottom on the screen to change zoom)
- Header button now disappear after a few seconds of inactivity, allowing you to see the picture fullscreen.
- Rewritten image loading engine, should be faster but mostly support bigger image. The good news is that those improvment will be in the next PocketCM Contact build.

Post by juhp on 07/30/2008 11:35PM 1 comment(s)

PocketCM ImageViewer 0.6

I've release ImageViewer 0.6. This version add some polish on the UI, enhance the performance and add the favorite folder feature. It starts to look like a finished product.

Here is the detail:

- Favorite folder list: now you can mark folder as favorite, in order to get a shorter list of the useful folder
- Folder are sorted alphabetically not by image count anymore
- Improved look: comes with a default theme now
- Performance enhancement
- Bug fixes
- You can customize the theme in theme.zip, feel free to post if you make something that look great

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PocketCM Contact 0.25b

I've just released version 0.25b, mainly a small bug fixes release.

- Fixed bug with favorite image (not showing)
- Fixed crash when pressing contact image in contact detail view
- Pressing the favorite image now toggle favorites
- Fixed text layout in SMS bubble: now a long text without space should display correctly (character wrap)
- Fixed bug that prevented a long press on the number button in contact detail page to show the dialer
- Fixed bug that prevent background to be cached for complex controls.
- Changed animation of number edit panel to be the same as the one used for most dialog
- Theming: Added option so that SMS bubble can stretch according to text (for instance: smslist.*.received.read.compressbubble=1)
- Theming: fixed counter position, now you have contactlist.*.item.smscount.box and contactlist.*.item.picture.smscount.box, deciding the global box where the counter and image will go, and contactlist.*.item.lastsms.box, contactlist.*.item.lastsms.box,... to place the element inside this box.
- Theming: added format to counter (contactlist.*.item.smscount.unread.format, contactlist.*.item.smscount.format), use %u for unread sms, %s for sms, %c for call. You can also use: %0u for blank if 0 unread and the number for more than 0 unread sms. (and therefore %1u will show the unread counter if you have more than one unread message).
- Improved black theme

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PocketCM ImageViewer 0.5

I've just released ImageViewer 0.5. Enjoy!

- This is a major release, so expect lot of new things... and lot of new bugs
- Integrated "flow", grid, slide and folder browser in one app
- New image grid, showing thumbnail
- Press the upper right button to exit
- Press the mode button (@) to switch between flow and grid, or to go back to image list when in slide mode
- Press the back button (top left) to go back to the folder list
- Pressing on an image in flow or thumbnail mode, goes to slide mode

For customization: the application always dump all the setting when exiting, have a look at dump.txt in your imageviewer folder to start customizing it.

Like PocketCM Contact, you need to put a settings.ini with the settings you want to customize in it, they will be loaded at startup. And of course, it's exactly the same concept as pocketcm contact.

Future release may include theme/options support, but for now, it's intented for testing

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RSS feed for news

I've added RSS feed for the news, I'll try to post a news for every new release, so you should be able to keep track of new version more easily.

Post by tene on 07/19/2008 10:47PM 0 comment(s)

PocketCM 0.25

This is gonna be a bugfix release.

The main change is the way SMS get loaded.

With <0.24, received SMS are loaded, then sent SMS, it works but it takes some time to display the discussion. With 0.25 both will be loaded at the same time, so you get directly your sent and received SMS.

Another visible change is the performance of the SMS list, it's now a lot smoother.

Also I've fixed the bugs (well most of them) when switching theme, you shouldn't experience crash or need to restart for the new theme to be applied.

It's live!

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Post by tene on 07/17/2008 01:58PM 2 comment(s)

PocketCM Contact 0.24 is coming...

I've had some time to work on the next release of PocketCM Contact.

What's coming:
- contact image display in SMS conversation
- bug fixes in SMS handling
- enhanced black theme
- better handling of contact image
- new switch effect when going from/to contact detail
- the ability to apply mirror effect to image
- and of course, some breaking change in theming (but believe me it's for the better)
- confirmation for delete conversation (if selected from an SMS)
- confirmation for image suppression
- bug fixes in add contact from number
- clicking on contact picture in SMS view bring the contact detail panel.
- command line option: -sms to get SMS view, -favorite to go to favorites, -dialpad to show the phone keyboard pad, and -contacts to go to the contact list.

Other things to come, but I just wanted to keep you updated...

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Post by tene on 06/22/2008 04:35PM 7 comment(s)

Offer me a beer in Vegas

Just a quick news: I'm in holidays for the coming weeks, so don't expect too much feedback. You can of course continue to share thoughts, idea, feature request, and bugs on the forum.

Also as a reminder, because I see more and more (sometimes agressive) post in forum all over the net: remember, I do it during my free time, between a full time job, my family and friends and all the rest, I'm glad to do it, and I somehow enjoy it... but... I do with the limited amount of time and resource I have, so again, please be patient!

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PocketCM Contact 0.22

Updated 05/12/2008

PocketCM 0.22 is out!

Next release should include some polish on existing feature:
- call notification is only shown for incoming call
- progress bar while sending SMS
- fixed bug causing SIP to disappear when first selected
- fixed bug causing note panel to not close when hitting ok
- huge performance enhancement for slow device on contact edit and options
- better handling of theme reloading (not perfect yet)
- search index now appear on autocomplete list for contact edit
- countries list now show all the countries of the world
- feedback on search index now appear in front of everything as it should be.
- selected items is now shown when going back to edit autocompletion.
- small overall performance enhancement.
- Added birthday and anniversary to contact editing
- Added ring tone to contact edit (with sound preview, note: WMA/MP3 sound preview will only work on WM6, if someone can provide a clean and async C/C++ function that plays WMA/MP3, I'm ready to use it...).
- Added scrollbar indicator, showing you where you are in the list (default.scrollbar.box=100%,0p,100%,100% to remove the scrollbar from your theme)

What else do you want to see in this version?

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Post by tene on 05/05/2008 10:32PM 12 comment(s)

PocketCM Contact 0.20

The new version is up, have fun testing it.

What's new:

- Category edit in contact
- Backspace button on phonepads
- New theme option in order to allow clean bubble
- Preloading of some image to allow smoother use
- Added menu to all panel, you can now choose the SIP while editing note or contact
- Performance enhancement
- Greatly enhanced performance in some scenarios
- SMS counter is back
- Bug fixes

Next version should focus on birthday/anniversary edition and ring tones.

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Post by tene on 02/17/2008 04:28PM 7 comment(s)

PocketCM Keyboard 0.14

There's a new version of the keyboard, you can grab it here.

And big news: This version is free, without time limitation. I don't have enough time to spend on PocketCM recently, and I got a few donation, so I decided to let people use the software completely for free (personal use). Enjoy!

Post by tene on 03/29/2008 02:52PM 0 comment(s)

PocketCM Calendar 0.1

I just release the first version of PocketCM Calendar.

It doesn't do that much yet, but should allow you to browse through your calendar using your finger, add, and edit event.

Lot of things are still to come, and lot of things will change, but as always, I choose to share with you the early version of this application.

Feature to come:
- More calendar view
- Remove event
- Recurring event support
- Synchronize with Google Calendar
- Better performance
- ...

As this application is build on top of PocketCM Framework, it's fully customizable, however, be patient, the internal will change a lot, so I'm not providing any infomration yet.

The good news is that it will bring date support in PocketCM framework, so next version of Contact will support birthday and anniversary.

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Easily add contact with next version of PocketCM

Some more info about what's being currently done:

The first thing is make it stable: new implementation for alpha blended image are fast, but they also need to be stable, I'm currently kicking the last corner case that may cause issues.

The second thing: based on you feedback (thanks for that), I won't make the 0.18 fully compatible with 0.19, you'll have to adapt the theme, but we all agree it's for the better. (And of course when pcmc will be feature complete, theme will be stable as well).

It's interresting to give you some info about what's changed for theming:
- All panel have a header, where you can put a title (contact name, current filter, sms number, whatver).
- The header also contain network status and name, the current time and the battery status.
- All of those elements can of course be hidden, shown, moved, etc...
- Lot of empty label have been added in order to let you make better theme (textbox that don't have to take all the screen space, etc...).
- phonepad now appear on top of the contact list: which allow you to make it transparent.
- Contact detail panel now contains more button, which should make advanced feature more visible (menu, note, edit, etc...). It can of course be customized and removed, but the idea is to help people new to pcmc use all the feature, and not discovering after a week or two that "note" exist.
- But perhaps the biggest change for themer is the "dump settings" option, in a single click, pcmc will generate a file containing all the current settings for landscape, portrait, and all the settings that have been use. This should answer all the question like "what's the name of the setting for this or that?".

And now the last thing, I've finally found some time to actually add feature request, with 0.19 you can use the phonepad to search, but also to call a contact that's not (yet) in your list, you also have the opportunity to add this number to an existing contact, or create a brand new contact. It's the first step to adding contact editing feature inside PocketCM (so finger friendly, and more simple).

Screenshot coming ... when I'll get the time.

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Post by tene on 01/18/2008 11:36AM 5 comment(s)

More SMS bubble!

This is valid for next version, not current 0.19b... you'll have to wait for it to be released

Thanks to hhm (see [pocketcm.com] ), I've been able to add quickly more background fun for all your background, now you have plenty of image for left, top, right, bottom, and the corners.

In short it allows you to easily do that:

To get it, you have to specify a set of 8 images, one for each side, and one for each border, for that you have the new background command:

- lefttileimage(middle_left.png)
- righttileimage(middle_right.png)
- toptileimage(top_middle.png)
- bottomtileimage(bottom_middle.png)
- lefttopimage(top_left.png)
- righttopimage(top_right.png)
- leftbottomimage(bottom_left.png)
- rightbottomimage(bottom_right.png)

You also have to remember: it's for background, so every background can take profit of that! You can use that on button, menu, panel, whatever that has one or more background. It's not something very specific to SMS.

Also you are not forced to provide 8 images, for instance if you just want a simple box with a tiny arrow on the bottom left corner, just one picture will do the job.

Why do I posted that here?
Because that's a good example of you helping me to make the software better. If hhm didn't spend time making the image I use for testing, this feature probably wouldn't exist.

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Post by tene on 01/20/2008 09:00PM 6 comment(s)

0.19b is up and running!

PocketCM Contact 0.19 is up!

However, some people still seems to have issues with PocketCM Keyboard and PocketCM Contact, if you're one of them, and are able for some testing, please drop a mail to support@pocketcm.com (with an IM address, ideally msn).

What's for 0.19b?

- A big performance improvment for fixed image rendering.
- Some nice stuff for contact editing, like allowing you to easily select city or company from existing one in your contacts. (see the square button near company)

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Post by tene on 01/20/2008 10:46AM 3 comment(s)

What's coming for 0.19?

PocketCM 0.19 will change lot of things internally.

The most important change is a rewrite of the alpha blended image rendering. The objective was to make it fast enough in order to let skinner play with some shadows and transparency. This was the next step of the rewrite (the first was to speed up animation effect).

The good news is that you'll see theme like that in 0.19:

New filling method are now possible:
- alphaimage(...) as before, except the performance are decent
- alphafill(#color, alpha) to fill an area with a translucency color (used for the button in the contact detail).

Other change:
- A common header to all page (that of course can be customized) with network and battery info (what else do you need/want?)
- Ability to use button for back, edit, note and more.
- More labels, in order to set nice background everywhere.
- A real note page, easier to customize.

And now.... I have to make my best to keep some level of compatibility with .18 theme.

Which lead me to the interresting question: do you prefer stay compatible without new feature, or you prefer to get cutting edge version that may break stuff?

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Post by tene on 01/06/2008 09:25PM 23 comment(s)

PocketCM Contacts 0.17

PocketCM Contacts 0.17 is being tested right now, the main new feature is access to the phone call log. The SMS history becomes the contact history, and you see all the SMS and call you had with this contact. It allow you to know easily if you replied to a message with a message or a phone call.

  • Added call log in SMS history

  • Bigger font in default theme, more coherencies between fonts

  • Improved compatibility with the following SIP: TouchPal, HTC PhonePad, Happy Tapping Keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug that showed letter association in keypad

  • Fixed index feedback appearing below header and icon panel

  • Fixed a bug that caused some contact to disappear after being edited or synched.

  • Fixed crash when changing contact picture

  • Fixed a bug that caused the crash to be corrupted if the application was closed before fully loading the contacts

  • Various smaller bug fixes

Some other change include a nicer theme, performance optimization and bug fixing.

And for people asking, release date is ... when it's ready winking smiley

What would you do if you had 100$ to spend on PocketCM Contacts? which feature would you pay the most for?

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Post by tene on 12/06/2007 10:44AM 1 comment(s)
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