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PocketCM software license

PocketCM Contact is freely available for personal use.

Personal use covers:

  • Installing the software on any number of personal devices for your own use. An exception is made for professional activity using your own phone (calling a business contact, typing a mail, ...), however if the phone is mainly dedicated to business purpose, it's not personal use.
  • Sharing a link to www.pocketcm.com in order to advertise the application.

    It does not cover

  • Business usage (that includes: shared phone among employee, phone paid by a company, phone mainly used for professional activities)
  • Device for which the main use isn't a phone (any domain specific usage: barcode scanner, mobile device for any other usage like parking registration, tracking device, GPS, restaurant ordering, inventory devices, ...)
  • Any kind of redistribution (that includes: uploading to a server, putting it on any media, bundling it with a device or a ROM, installing it for a customer, etc...).
  • Usage on a device where phone (voice) activity is not the main one (tablet, devices on which the phone is used only for data usage, GPS, etc...).

    Also like any other application, even if I do my best to make it stable and bug free, I cannot be held responsible for any problem, damage, issue resulting from the use or uninstall of the software. (However, in case of issue, report it on the forum).

    Development of the software is enabled thanks to advertising revenue (that's the main reason why you're not allowed to publish it on forum, fan site, software repository), donation and professional usage. As a personal user; you're of course free to donate or not, but remember that's the best way to keep the software free.

    This software is not in the public domain, I remain the author of the software and the copyright holder.
  • © 2010 Quentin Pouplard