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PocketCM Keyboard v0.23b

PocketCM Keyboard is currently available for free, for evaluation and personal use only. You are not allowed to redistribute the binary in any way or form (zip, sharing site, upload on forums, ROM, ...). If you need PocketCM for non-personal use, please contact me.

You should also agree with the licence agreement before using PocketCM Keyboard.

BETA SOFTWAREIt's a complete rewrite of the keyboard software, it's beta software, contains bugs, may be unstable, ... if you want a more stable version, you can use 0.14 that you can get from here, however, this new version is becoming more and more stable, and require testing, so it's up to you!


PocketCM Keyboard 0.23b zipped CAB version
For the very last version go to the "Automated build page".
Please do not publish binary on your site, link to this page! Also please inform me if you publish it on your website.
If for some reason you want/need a previous version of PocketCM Contact, feel free to download it here.

What's new in 0.23b? (17/10/2013)

  • Bug fixes (mainly log file size on some configuration

What's new in 0.23? (01/25/2009)

Updating from previous versionPlease remember to uninstall previous version, soft-reset your device, then install the newest version in order to avoid any conflict
  • Fix bug with autocorrect
  • Fix keyboard crash when using wifi
  • Fix keyboard crash for low memory condition
  • Fix for long press action that doesn't refresh the keyboard property "black key"
  • Enhanced performance (seems improvements as PocketCM Contact...)

What's new in 0.22? (01/17/2009)

  • Support for caps letter (replace i with I, etc...)
  • Enhanced dictinary
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

What's new in 0.21? (12/30/2008)

  • Improved memory usage
  • Optimization
  • Fix for landscape mode
  • Fix for theme loading

What's new in 0.20? (12/28/2008)

  • Improved performance (switching between layout take is 2000% faster!)
  • Improved suggestion, try to cope with ' and -
  • Bug fixes
  • Memory leak fixes
  • Faster suggestion, suggestion interfere less with typing (meaning you can type faster)
  • Added option to switch language on the keyboard, using Dream 2 theme: press the symbol key to go to the symbol layout, then stay pressed on the symbol key, you should be able to select your dictionary).
  • Current language can be shown on the keyboard

What's new in 0.19? (11/23/2008)

  • New suggestion algorithm, up to 3000% faster
  • New option dialog with Dream 2 theme
  • Theme can now add option to the option dialog, Dream 2 allow you to choose between small, medium and big keys.
  • Various layout are supported through theme option (downside: it's up to the theme to provide the layout, upside: layout are really adapted to the theme)
  • Backspace doesn't break suggestion
  • Memory usage optimization
  • Suggestion doesn't block typing (result: you can type faster)
  • Various bug fixes

What's new in 0.18? (11/16/2008)

  • Fixed bug with phone or other windows poping up while using the keyboard
  • Windows Mobile/XT9 suggestion should work more reliably now
  • Fixed bug with tiling image in the framework
  • Fixed theme issue
  • Fixed lot of issue with suggestion now working properly on multiline control
  • Improved performance
  • New "Dream 2" theme

What's new in 0.17b? (11/12/2008)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the keyboard to work correctly with Contact.

What's new in 0.17? (11/12/2008)

  • Reverted back to 0.13 callback mechanism: in short name/address suggestion while composing a message should be back!
  • Speed optimization
  • Fixed bug with setting save
  • Fixed various crash
  • Fixed a nasty bug that could force the user to have to soft-reset
  • Fixed bug with positioning

What's new in 0.16? (10/14/2008)

  • added repeat setting, to repeat a key on long press (enabled in the default theme for backspace). Simply add repeat(200) to repeat the key every 200 ms.
  • fixed replacement of word after autosuggestion
  • improved dream theme (shift key feedback, mode key feedback, ...)
  • added autosize option for keys, if width is negative it will fill the space left on the row
  • added various suggestion box color (blue for alternate, red for missing word, white for autoreplace ... and of course it can be customized).
  • fixed a bug for suggestion in mutli-line control and word replacement
  • fixed a bug for suggestion box position
  • fixed dream theme space key feedback box
  • long press on shift lock it
  • short press on shift no locker lock the keyboard in shift layout
  • mode key from shift layout bring shifted mode layout

What's new in 0.14? (09/29/2008)

  • nicer graphic (well at least you're able to use PNG now)
  • pocketcm theme engine: a lot more customizable, more optimized
  • contextual completion
  • score based dictionary (common words appear first)
  • easier to use word suggestion box (bigger)
  • new option
  • vibrate on press (experimental)
  • etc...
  • ps: for those who wonder, there is no time limit on this version.
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