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PocketCM ImageViewer 0.9

PocketCM ImageViewer is currently a test version, the purpose is to experiment what's possible with image on our Windows Mobile device using the PocketCM framework (if you want it to become a real product, you know what to do. You are not allowed to redistribute the binary in any form (zip, sharing site, upload on forums, ROM, ...). If you need PocketCM ImageViewer for non-personal use, please contact me (more info here).

You should also agree with the license agreement before using PocketCM ImageViewer.


ImageViewer 0.9 ZIP version
ImageViewer 0.9 CAB version
Please do not publish binary on your site, link to this page! Also please inform me if you publish it on your website.

ImageViewer 0.9 (08/03/2008)

  • Set image to contact option, with cropping/scaling support.
  • All image set to contact will have a maximum size of 320*320 (suitable for full screen call notification)
  • New jpeg loader, up to 400% speed improvment on some image.
  • Header buttong needs to be pressed on in order to work: avoid closing the app while rotating.

ImageViewer 0.8 (07/30/2008)

  • Rotation support (scroll from top to bottom on the rightmost part on the screen when in slide or zoom mode).
  • Variable zoom support (slide on the bottom on the screen to change zoom)
  • Header button now disappear after a few seconds of inactivity, allowing you to see the picture fullscreen.
  • Rewritten image loading engine, should be faster but mostly support bigger image. The good news is that those improvment will be in the next PocketCM Contact build.

ImageViewer 0.7 (07/24/2008)

  • Added send via MMS, mail, ...
  • Added delete picture (with confirmation)
  • Added image caching, remember it's caching, so the first load still takes some times, the second load is faster.
  • Bug fixes

ImageViewer 0.6 (07/21/2008)

  • Favorite folder list: now you can mark folder as favorite, in order to get a shorter list of the useful folder
  • Folder are sorted alphabetically not by image count anymore
  • Improved look: comes with a default theme now
  • Performance enhancement
  • Bug fixes
  • You can customize the theme in theme.zip, feel free to post if you make something that look great ;)

ImageViewer 0.5 (07/20/2008)

  • This is a major release, so expect lot of new things... and lot of new bugs
  • Integrated "flow", grid, slide and folder browser in one app
  • New image grid, showing thumbnail
  • Press the upper right button to exit
  • Press the mode button (@) to switch between flow and grid, or to go back to image list when in slide mode
  • Press the back button (top left) to go back to the folder list
  • Pressing on an image in flow or thumbnail mode, goes to slide mode
  • For theme: the application always dump all the setting when exiting, have a look at dump.txt in your imageviewer folder to start customizing it. Like PocketCM Contact, you need to put a settings.ini with the settings you want to customize in it, they will be loaded at startup. Future release may include theme/options support, but for now, it's intented for testing

ImageViewer 0.4

  • Folder list: your start the application, you'll see a scrollable list of all your folder containing pictures, simply tap on one to see the pictures in this folder
  • Images smaller than screen aren't resized anymore
  • Fixed zoom out animation: not it revert back to unzoomed image position correctly
  • Zoom now focus on the tapped zone (tap on the head of a friend, you end up with his head zoomed
  • Performance tuning
  • Migration to PocketCM framework, settings documentation will come soon...
  • Bug fixes

ImageViewer 0.3

  • Image rotation support: maximize the visible space by rotating image.
  • Lanscape mode support
  • Memory optimization

ImageViewer 0.2

  • Zoom: tap to zoom, double tap to unzoom
  • Copy to a folder that contains image

ImageViewer 0.1

Initial version:
  • To close: tap on the upper right corner (like if there was a close button)
  • Copy to a folder that contains image
  • ImageViewer load image in the background, if you see a white grey box in the top left, that means ImageViewer is loading image
  • Simply slide left or right to go to the previous/next picture.
  • I don't know yet if it will become a product one day, it's just a experiment for now
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