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FAQ for PocketCM Keyboard

I've installed it, and I can't use it?

To use it, you have to select it, tap on the little triangle near the keyboard icon, a list should appear, select PocketCM Keyboard. If that's not working that may be a issue specific to your device, look here for possible solutions.

I want to use another layout? dictionary? skin?

Make sure the keyboard is currently active, and press enter key for 250ms a symbol pad appear, allowing you to choose "Opt." and go to the options.

I have space appearing in Opera?

Update to Opera 8.65.

how dictionary work? type 'five' but suggest 'give'

The suggestion is in blue, that means: "I know your word, but here is another one". If you press space (or any separator character), nothing happen. If you tap on "give" it will replace "five" with "give". The purpose is to allow you to easily fix a word even if the word you've typed is actually correct in the language (imagine you wanted to type give, but pressed "f"). Note that you can also press and slide down to see more suggestion.

If the suggestion is in green, that means: I'm gonna replace your selection, because I don't know (yet) this word. If it's a valid word, press (stay pressed) the suggestion and slide down, until you select "+younewword", this way it will be added to the dictionary. If the suggestion is correct, and you're typing something wrong, just press space (or any separator character), and your word will be replace by the suggestion.

If the suggestion is red, and appearing with a "+" sign, that means that pcmk is lost, he doesn't the word, and can't suggest anything, if it's a word used rarely, simply continue, if it's a word that you use pretty often (your company name for instance), press the +, this way the word will be added to the dictionary.

At first, it may require you to add a few word, after a while it should start to be rather usable. It would be interresting to share your "word.txt" file (your custom dictionary), in order to enhance the build-in dictionary.

How to add word to the dictionary?

Every time you see a suggestion appears, you can always press on it, slide your finger (while keeping it pressed on the screen) until you'll be able to choose a "+word" button that allow you to add the word in the dictionary.

If you have plenty of word to add you can also manually edit the word.txt file.

When I type, only blank (spaces) appears, nothing else!

It may be an issue related to XT9, you can have a look there for a potential solution : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=1515518&postcount=632
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