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PocketCM Contact, PocketCM Keyboard and PocketCM Calendar are free for personal use. (ImageViewer isn't really an app yet...).

Just to make things clear: you don't have to donate to download the software! Just download it for free from the download page. Every donation is highly appreciated of course, but that's not an obligation.

You can have them with:
  • No usage limitation
  • No nag-screen
  • No spyware/ad in the software
  • (very) frequent update
  • Usable Product: since day one it's usable, of course more feature are still developped and planned, but it's not an unfinished product that is "just" promising
  • I don't ask you for your mail or registration
  • The website isn't covered with annoying ads about how some part of your anatomy could be bigger
  • And of course you don't have to pay to get the software and share it with friends

How to make sure it will stay free?

I develop it during my free time, of course I enjoy developping software (see my other projects), and I wanted to try to develop for mobile devices. But I also try to make it a usable project, to support it, to provide bug fixes, even for devices/languages that I don't have/use. I also have to pay for the hosting, the bandwidth and the domain name.

You want to make sure this project stay free? Make a donation!

Some people are unsure about the status of the keyboard: it's time limited. My plan aren't fixed anyway, if donation works well enough it will be free if not, I'll have to think about another model. Anyway, donator won't be forgotten, a decent donation will lead to a free version (or a rebate on a licence). If only 1 percent of the people downloading and using my software make a 10€ donation (well for now, it's more like 0.05% of people...), that would make enough money to motivate me to keep the software free and continue to update/enhance it. So be in those 1 percent, click on the following link:
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