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Development mode for themer/skinner

Note, this feature is targeted to a very limited set of users, those customizing the application, if some people use it, I'll continue to maintain it and make sure it runs fine, if not, I'll gain time by simply stop maintaining it. In short: drop a little message on the forum if you use, and what's your experience with it!

In order to make life of artists out there easier, I've enhanced the no caching mode of PocketCM. Now theme can be modifed directly and reloaded automatically.

How to do:

  • activate "no cache mode" in the option (should work in contact, and in the next version of keyboard and imageviewer).
  • now the file is not locked anymore, you can update/replace it
  • every 2 seconds PocketCM check if the theme has been modified
  • if it's the case, it reload the theme
  • you see the result directly!
  • (remmber however, it's a "nice to have" for themer, it's not always 100% working, for instance if you save the zip file at the exact same moment pocketcm is looking for changes, etc... but it's probably a lot better than having to restart pocketcm everytime you try to adjust this #?/:!!!?# setting!).

How to make it work even better:

  • You can now also (only in no cache mode) put your theme on your storage card (/Storage Card/PocketCM/), that means you have to put the theme in the pocketcm at least once to be able to select it.
  • If your device support it (most does), you can connect it as a disk drive, and edit file directly in windows, no need to copy.
  • Using Winzip or 7-Zip, you can open the settings.ini directly from those application and update them when saving (winzip) or closing (7-zip), once it's done, the theme get reloaded. You should see the change directly on your device.
  • (Note it also work with the emulator of course, if you mount a folder as storage card)
  • (Last note: it's not magic setting that need restarting the app like contact line format, and item height still need a reset, but for all the minor tuning, it really helps).

Please also remember: dev mode is for... developping: it's a lot slower, doesn't use cache, check for update regularely (so it takes battery). It's very useful when you're actually tweaking your theme, but not recommended at all when using your phone.

© 2010 Quentin Pouplard