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PocketCM Contact v0.29

PocketCM Contact is currently free for personal use only. You are not allowed to redistribute the binary in any form (zip, sharing site, upload on forums, ROM, ...). If you need PocketCM for non-personal use, please contact me (more info here).

You should also agree with the license agreement before using PocketCM Contact. This version is the latest development version, bug, regression, failure and other unexpected behaviour may occurs.


PocketCM 0.29 ZIP version
PocketCM 0.29 CAB version
For the very last version go to the "Automated build page".
Please do not publish binary on your site, link to this page! Also please inform me if you publish it on your website.
If for some reason you want/need a previous version of PocketCM Contact, feel free to download it here.

What's new in the latest build?

I don't have all the time I want to work on PCM, especially packaging, releasing, etc... however, there are daily build available for the most curious.
  • Bug fixes and lot of crashes fix
  • Animation follow your gesture (slide left, animation left, slide right, animation right)
  • Fixed bug with clock not refreshing
  • Fixed bug with display of cell and network level
  • Fixed crashed while editing contact
  • Fixed image loading management that made some theme crashes on low memory condition
You can get the daily build here.

What's new in 0.29? (01/25/2009)

  • Support for SMS forwarding
  • Support for sending SMS to multiple contact at once
  • Better VGA support: more usable, react better to the finger, improved Black and Dream theme
  • Big speed improvment on animation (looks nice on VGA now)
  • Speed optimization for all text rendering (smoother than ever)
  • Various fix and improvements
  • Faster SMS loading
  • Improved theme developer mode: read here

What's new in 0.28? (01/02/2009)

  • Dream theme should support VGA device (tested on emulator only)
  • Theme can now contain both vga and qvga settings
  • better keyboard positioning
  • loading time optimization (especially for theme with lot of images)
  • PocketCM will re-appear a lot faster if still in memory (another reason to keep it running)
  • add custom options to theme, Dream theme use that to allow user to select SMS counter type and remove the header.
  • Developer mode to allow dumping of theme information in log.txt
  • No cache mode (for theme developer) in order to avoid deleting manually the cache
  • Fix bug with confirm message (you can delete contact/message again now)
  • Memory usage optimization
  • Lot of micro-optimization and fixes.

What's new in 0.27? (11/16/2008)

  • Fixed many non fullscreen issue
  • Improved reactivity when switching screen
  • Minor bug fixes: release after scroll doesn't bring the menu anymore, scrolling the phone number list doesn't make a long press, command line is fixed, language file setting fix
  • Updated to latest PocketCM Framework.
  • Thanks Blowfish (from the forum) for his help during the testing of this release

What's new in 0.26? (11/12/2008)

  • Added option to set/unset as default contact
  • Will also be the default contact for Manila2D
  • Bug fixes
  • Sip position should be better
  • New theming options
  • Update to latest PocketCM framework.

What's new in 0.25c? (07/24/2008)

  • Fixed contact change (delete, add, modify) not to be reflected in the contact list
  • Added theme image caching, most theme should load faster the second time now
  • Fixed some crash with some weird image
  • Fixed Dream theme glitch

What's new in 0.25b? (07/21/2008)

  • Fixed bug with favorite image (not showing)
  • Fixed crash when pressing contact image in contact detail view
  • Pressing the favorite image now toggle favorites
  • Fixed text layout in SMS bubble: now a long text without space should display correctly (character wrap)
  • Fixed bug that prevented a long press on the number button in contact detail page to show the dialer
  • Fixed bug that prevent background to be cached for complex controls.
  • Changed animation of number edit panel to be the same as the one used for most dialog
  • Theming: Added option so that SMS bubble can stretch according to text (for instance: smslist.*.received.read.compressbubble=1)
  • Theming: fixed counter position, now you have contactlist.*.item.smscount.box and contactlist.*.item.picture.smscount.box, deciding the global box where the counter and image will go, and contactlist.*.item.lastsms.box, contactlist.*.item.lastsms.box,... to place the element inside this box.
  • Theming: added format to counter (contactlist.*.item.smscount.unread.format, contactlist.*.item.smscount.format), use %u for unread sms, %s for sms, %c for call. You can also use: %0u for blank if 0 unread and the number for more than 0 unread sms. (and therefore %1u will show the unread counter if you have more than one unread message).
  • Improved black theme

What's new in 0.25? (07/19/2008)

  • SMS/Phone call now load in the right order.
  • Improved performance of SMS list (scrolling should be a lot smoother)
  • Loading a theme should display it correctly without restart
  • Added setting to preload image, add "preload" to your background image definition to load the image at startup, for instance "fillimage(test.png,preload)". This guarantee that the image is loaded so no delay when pressing a button for instance. However it takes longer to load the theme (so startup time can be impacted)
  • Fixed bug when loading SMS and not all SMS were shown.
  • SMS progress bar now show the complete bar before hiding
  • Fixed bug with gradient and clipping (in short: manila theme from htctoucher should display the whole contact page when pressing the back button)
  • Contact image in SMS page display after loading all the SMS (it allow slightly faster SMS loading, because the image don't need to be loaded first)
  • Fixed default green/red icon near contact for older theme, a white box is shown now, better than red/green flashy color.
  • Fixed index search for country (and other list) when editing a contact.

What's new in 0.24? (07/06/2008)

  • contact image display in SMS conversation (tapping on it bring contact detail screen)
  • command line option: -sms to get SMS view, -favorite to go to favorites, -dialpad to show the phone keyboard pad, and -contacts to go to the contact list.
  • better handling of contact image (new mirror option)
  • bug fixes in SMS handling (lowered thread priority that could lead to long SMS sending)
  • enhanced black theme
  • new switch effect when going from/to contact detail
  • the ability to apply mirror effect to image (add ",mirror" after image name in your theme)
  • confirmation for delete conversation (if selected from an SMS)
  • confirmation for image suppression
  • bug fixes in add contact from number
  • ...and of course, some breaking change in theming (but believe me it's for the better) ;)

What's new in 0.23? (05/16/2008)

  • Fixed bug with SMS time
  • Fixed bug with custom font
  • More performance enhancement
  • Added possibility to put a margin on list
  • Added option to set mirror on pictures
  • New Black theme (in progress)

What's new in 0.22? (05/12/2008)

This is mainly a polish release, no big change, but a lot of (small) improvments.
  • Added birthday and anniversary to contact editing
  • Added ring tone to contact edit (with sound preview, note: WMA/MP3 sound preview will only work on WM6, if someone can provide a clean and async C/C++ function that plays WMA/MP3, I'm ready to use it...).
  • Added scrollbar indicator, showing you where you are in the list (default.scrollbar.box=100%,0p,100%,100% to remove the scrollbar from your theme)
  • progress bar while sending SMS
  • search index now appear on autocomplete list for contact edit
  • call notification is only shown for incoming call
  • fixed bug causing SIP to disappear when first selected
  • fixed bug causing note panel to not close when hitting ok
  • huge performance enhancement for slow device on contact edit and options
  • better handling of theme reloading (not perfect yet)
  • countries list now show all the countries of the world
  • feedback on search index now appear in front of everything as it should be.
  • selected items is now shown when going back to edit autocompletion.
  • small overall performance enhancement.

Configuration and theme

For more information, I invite you to read this page.

Installation instruction

  • Create a new folder on your device
  • Unzip the content of the zip
  • Launch PocketCM.exe

What's new in 0.21?

  • New icon for contact with unread SMS or unseen missed call
  • Last unread SMS is shown instead of contact number in contact list.
  • PocketCM Contact now handle phone call history: contact with new call are sorted first in SMS contact list
  • Rewritten code to handle SMS, should use less memory, and be a lot faster
  • Faster reading of SMS/phone history, startup time should be better
  • Text box now capitalize the first letter
  • Adding contact from SMS/phone history now update the contact correctly in the list
  • Some tweak in the default theme to make some part more visible, and avoid menu to popup when minimizing
  • Performance enhancement
  • Bug fixes & Memory leak fixes

What's new in 0.20b?

  • Fixed switch to landscape bug
  • Greatly enhanced performance in some scenarios

What's new in 0.20?

  • Category edit in contact
  • Backspace button on phonepads
  • New theme option in order to allow clean bubble
  • Preloading of some image to allow smoother use
  • Added menu to all panel, you can now choose the SIP while editing note or contact
  • Performance enhancement
  • Bug fixes

What's new in 0.19b?

  • Added a button near company/city edit field to select value from existing contacts
  • Tweaking and fix in the theme
  • Bug fixes (DWORD alignment on blt, and alpha blt, clipping bugs, update contact detail after edit, ...)
  • Fixed a bug that cause cached to not be recreated correctly
  • Fixed a bug that cause some image to be stretched instead of blitted, you should see a huge performance improvment in some theme

What's new in 0.19?

  • New theme: Dream using the new feature of 0.19
  • Rewritten alpha blending algorithm: faster, allow theme with alpha
  • New add contact feature: type the number on the phonepad, and call/add directly
  • Finger friendly contact edit/new contact screen
  • Bug fixes
  • ...more
  • 0.19 theme are different than previous theme, so you need a 0.19 in order to run it

What's new in 0.18?

  • New default theme for the new branch: Touch (looks familiar?)
  • Rewritten animation: transition should be a lot smoother (from 10 fps to 30 fps or more)
  • Rewritten fade out effect, fade to black is smooth now.
  • Rewritten new alpha fade effect for option
  • New animation for setting favorite/removing picture
  • Added option for "show contact without phone" in options panel
  • Lot of performance tweak
  • Bug fixes (fullscreen mode, label.contactlist.header.text, set contact picture, delete conversation).

What's new in 0.17?

  • Added call log in SMS history: basically you see your last SMS conversation, and last call received/made/missed.
  • Option are now available from Filter (also)
  • CAB install
  • New Options dialog
  • Options for:
    • SMS handling (bring to front, use default SMS app, include call log history in conversation)
    • Contact list (include contact picture, favorite icon, item counts)
    • Theme and languages
  • Bigger font in default theme, more coherencies between fonts
  • Improved compatibility with the following SIP: TouchPal, HTC PhonePad, Happy Tapping Keyboard.
  • Fixed SMS list positionning while loading SMS.
  • Fixed a bug that showed letter association in keypad
  • Fixed index feedback appearing below header and icon panel
  • Fixed a bug that caused some contact to disappear after being edited or synched.
  • Fixed crash when changing contact picture
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crash to be corrupted if the application was closed before fully loading the contacts
  • Tapping outside the SMS text box will hide the SIP
  • Various smaller bug fixes

What's new in 0.16?

  • New white and black theme by default
  • support both VGA and QVGA (no need for a specific theme)
  • Faster loading (like really faster)
  • Gradient filling for most of the theme (without image, so smoother gradient)
  • Faster switching to landscape/portrait
  • Lot of bug fixes (mainly because of code merging)
  • Theme are still zip file, but with zip file extension (may change in stable release, depending of feedback).
  • Localization options: the language can be choosen from the option menu
  • New theme engine: give lot more option to themer/skinner, better performance and more coherency
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